Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Snow Leopards & Babes
Snow Like Crazy
Snow Man and Snow Flakes
Snow Many Flakes
Snow Merry - 2008 Snowman
Snow Much Fun
Snow on the Prairie
Snow Pals
Snow People
Snow Scene - (four pieces)
Snow Sisters Button Pack
Snow Songs
Snow Sports
Snow St. Nicholas
Snow Sweet Kit
Snow Sweet Snow
Snow Time
Snow Tree with Lights
Snow Watch
Snow Zone
Snow, N00 White
Snow, N02 Black Ice
Snow, N03 Sky Blue
Snow, N05 Fiesta Red
Snow, N06 Cedar Green
Snow, N07 Copper
Snow, N08 White Gold
Snow, N09 Silver
Snow, N09 Silver, 40 yards
Snow, N10 Royal Blue
Snow, N11 Lime Green
Snow, N12 Canary Yellow
Snow, N13 Fire Orange
Snow, N14 Mango
Snow, N15 Mauve
Snow, N16 Gunmetal
Snow, N17 Carbon
Snow, N18 Gold Dust
Snow, N19 Icy Lavender
Snow, N20 Tropical Ocean
Snow, N21 Storm
Snow, N22 Strawberry
Snow, N23 Chocolate
Snow, N24 Dark Gold
Snow, N25 Brass
Snow, N26 Deep Sea
Snow, N27 Shadow
Snow, N28 Violet
Snow, N29 Pistachio
Snow, N30 Crystal

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