Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Small Striped Heart
Small Striped Tray
Small Tassel - Green Background
Small W Basket Sampler
Small Watermelon And Bee
Small, Simple And Special
SMILE - a tooth fairy pillow
Smile - Bird in Cage
Smile Pumpkin
Smile Sampler
Smiley Face Key Fob
Smoke Out
Smoke Signals
Smoking Moon Cigar Band
Smoky Mountain Scenes
Smooth Sailing
Smyrna Stitch Charm
Snag Nab-It
Snail Quirky Quaker
Snail Ride
Snail Stroll
Sneak Peek Christmas
Sneak Peek Spring
Sneek Peek Summer
Snip and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
Snips & Snails
Snoop Dog
Snoozi' Santa
Snow Berry Sampler
Snow Birdin'
Snow Buddies - Afghan
Snow Bunny
Snow Business
Snow Castle
Snow Collector
Snow Cone
Snow Cones Cart
Snow Couples
Snow Crows PFC21
Snow Date
Snow Days
Snow Drifters
Snow Family
Snow Flurries
Snow Folio
Snow Folks No. 2

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