Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Sled Ornament
Sled with Wreath
Sledding Bunny & Duck
Sledding Polar Bear
Sleeping Angel Charm
Sleeping Cats
Sleeping Fawn
Sleeping Safely
Sleeping Santa and Special Friends
Sleepless In Seattle Star
Sleepy Head Kittens
Sleepy Santa
Sleepy Village
Sleepytime Star
Sleigh Bells and Santa
Sleigh Bells Ring
Sleigh Blessings
Sleigh I
Sleigh Ride
Slice of American Pie
Slice Of Citrus Scissors' Fob
Slice of Pumpkin Pie
Slice Of Summer
Slice of Summer
Slim Jim
Slipper Of The Queen
Sloane The Snowman
Sloth Quirky Quaker
Sm. American Goldfnch
Small Adirondack
Small Artichoke Scissor Fob
Small Basket Sampler
Small Bug on Red Rect
Small Bugle Beads
Small Favors
Small Heart #3
Small House Ornament
Small Josephine
Small Owl Rect.
Small Pea Pod Rect
Small Red and Gold Kimono
Small Remembrances
Small Round A11
Small Sampler #12
Small Spider Square
Small Spiral Square
Small Still Life SML-1
Small Striped Heart

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