Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Cookie Sampler I
Cookies and Cocoa Cart
Cookies and Coffee Mini-Sock
Cookies for Santa
Cookies from 7th Heaven
Cookies House
Cool Cats
Cool Cats
Cool Crosses
Cool Pirate Sweater
Cool Reindeer
Cool Yule
Cooling Off
Coors Light
Copper Cauldron
Copper Country
Coral Reef Belt
Cord, Cable, Japan Threads
Cordova/Petit Point
Cordovan Belt w/Silver Buckle
Corjac Tack Kit
Corn Dog Oval
Corn in a Garden
Corn Mill
CornerHouse Designs
Cornflower Sampler
Cornish Cottage
Coronet Braid #16, White Pearl
Coronet Braid #4, White Pearl
Coronet Braid #8, White Pearl
Coronet Braid, Size 16
Coronet Braid, Size 4
Coronet Braid, Size 8
Cosmetics Frame
Cottage By The Sea
Cottage Garden Samplings
Cottage House Sampler
Cotton Candy
Cotton Floss - Solid
Cotton Floss - Variegated
Cotton Pickin'
Couch Potato
Couchman Creations
Count Dracula Topper
Count Ewe'r Blessings
Count the Ways to Say Congratulations

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