Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Clown In Striped Shirt
Clown Letter J
Clown Letter M
Clown Topper
Clown With Balloons
Clowning Around
Clucking Cuddlers
Cluster Fuck Mag Friend
Clutch Bags
Coast Guard Seal
Coastal Cupboard I
Coasters Etc.
Coasters, Trays, and Drinking Fun!
Coats Of Color Kit
Cobweb Fancy Trim Needle Slide
Cockatoo and Macaw
Cocktail Party
Cocktails for Two
Cocoa Chanelf
Cocoa Snowgirl
Cocoa Stocking
Coffee & Tea House Samplers
Coffee Break
Coffee Connoisseur Angel
Coffee Days
Coffee For Gossip
Coffee Girlfriend
Coffee Grounds Kit
Coffee Server Kit
Coins on Red
Cold Winds Blow
Coleman Cottage Designs
Collage of Purses
Collector's Cabinet
Colleen (Sole Mates)
College Days
College of Charleston Crest
Colonel Claus
Colonial Birth Announcement
Colonial Christmas MN-33
Colonial Embroiderer
Colonial Flowers Bellpull
Colonial Garden
Colonial Inspirations II
Colonial Life I #180
Colonial Pine Tree
Colonial Santas

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