Alex-Paras NeedleArts

September Sky (13m)
September Sky (18m)
September Song
September Study
September Wool Whimsy Kit
September-Mini Pillow
Serape Key Fob
Serendipity Designs
Serenity Prayer
Serving Skies Window
Set Of 4 Flamingo Covers
Set of 4 Knobs
Set Of 4 Walnut Coasters
Settle For More
Seven Parrots on Branches
Seven Red Alphabets
Seven Swans
Seven Swans Nutcracker Roll
Seven... Tans & Purples
Seventeenth Star
Sew A Fine Seam
Sew Bold Scissors
Sew Every Day
Sew Fun
Sewing Alphabet
Sewing and Knitting Frame
Sewing Basket
Sewing Basket Smalls
Sewing Birds
Sewing Items Frame
Sewing Mice II
Sewing Mouse Pad
Sewing Pocket
Sewing Seeds
Sewing Stands I PFC75
Sewing The Seeds
Sewn With Love
SFAC Needlepoint Canvases
Sh...h Baby Sleeping Pooh
Shabby Chic Autumn CSAP-3
Shabby Chic Christmas
Shades of Christmas
Shades of the Red, White & Blue
Shadow Sampler
Shadowdyed Velour

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