Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Scottish Birth Announcement
Scottish Castle Sampler
Scottish Christmas Ornament
Scottish Eternity Tryptich
Scottish Miniatures
Scottish Needlebox Cover
Scottish Panels
Scottish Rite
Scottish Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Scottish Santa
Scottish Thistle
Scottish Thistle Cross Stitch Pattern
Scottish Thistle Gift Card Kit
Scottish Thistle Magnet Kit
Scotty and Fire Hydrants
Scotty and Thistles
Scotty Dog
Scotty Mini Sock
Scotty Ornament
Scout Mitten
Scroll and Lap Frames by K's Creations
Scroll Frames by American Dream Products
Scrolls of Holly
Sea and Sand
Sea Breeze
Sea Foam Sea Serpent
Sea Grass
Sea Scape
Sea Shells
Sea To Shining Sea
Sea Treasures
Sea Turtle 10m Coin Purse
Seagrass Turtle Tote
Seagull Profile
Seagull with Boots
Seahorse Mag Friend
Seahorse Sweethearts
Seahorses Eyeglass Case
Seal Mini Sock
Seal Team Four - Navy Seals
Sealed With A Kiss
Sealpoint Siamese Kitten
Seashell Basket Brick Cover
Seaside Angel
Seaside Basket Petite
Seaside Birdhouse

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