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Very Velvet

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10 Yards / 9.1 Meters.

Velour Yarn for Needlepoint 13 to 18 mesh.

This is a fuzzy, beautiful velour yarn. It maintains its shape and thickness throughout its length. Use a rather large needle and a short tail. It does not come apart while stitching, but it may shred behind the eye of the needle. If this happens move the needle forward a half inch or so and it will not unthread. Very Velvet is colorfast and should not bleed, however, always test first. If your test produces some color it is likely some of the fine hairs pulled out. These can be flicked away leaving no dye behind. The color should remain consistent with very little dye lot variations. This size is a little tight on 18 count when doing a tent stitch. You might want to use the Petite Very Velvet for basketweave and this size for any long stitches. When preparing this fiber to be stitched, take a length off the card and run your fingernail over it a couple of times. This should remove any kinks and any excess flakes. Come straight up and down through the canvas and guide the Very Velvet with your free hand.

*** Discontinued color we may still have in stock


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