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Patina may be used as it is or plied. If you use Patina as it comes off the card, make sure you maintain the twist as you are stitching. Wetting Patina helps, using the same method as with Fiesta! (also, see Neon Rays for other suggestions.) Patina is somewhat more difficult to separate. It is a three-ply yarn and you need to untwist it slightly, about an inch from the end and pull out one of the plies very carefully. What you have will look almost like Japanese flat silk. Wetting it will remove all the uneven kinks and makes it easier to lay. Double Patina over in your needle once it is plied and this will help you control it and get it to lay flat. Begin and end your stitches carefully so that the Patina will not pull out. A Bargello tuck is recommended. (14-18 count canvas as is, or stranded, 2 strands on 22 count

*** Discontinued color that we may still have in stock


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