Needle Necessities

Needle Necessities

Needle Necessities closed in 2007 but we still have a selection of their threads in stock.

If the Needle Necessities number you seek is not listed, we have none left in stock.

However; substitutions for most of the Overdyed Floss colors can be found in the new threads by ThreadworX.

Needle Necessities Floss Overdyed

Needle Necessities Pearl 5 Overdyed

NN-P5Regular price: $3.40Sale price: $2.70Color: 
Needle Necessities Pearl 8 Overdyed

NN-P8Regular price: $3.40Sale price: $2.70Color: 

NN-CharlestonRegular price: $2.75Sale price: $2.20Color: 
Spring II

NN-SpringIIRegular price: $1.90Sale price: $1.50Color: 
Spring II Shadowdyed

NN-SpringIISRegular price: $2.25Sale price: $1.80Color: 
French Wool Overdyed

NN-WoolRegular price: $3.25Sale price: $2.60Color: 
Shadowdyed Velour

NN-SH-VRegular price: $3.40Sale price: $2.70Color: 

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