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Medicis Wool 1/2 Hanks

100% Pure Virgin Wool.

approx. .88 oz or 285 meters (equal to about 11 skeins)

Although DMC ceased production of this beautiful wool several years ago, we have a great deal of it in stock. Color numbers shown after the slash / mark are DMC's old color numbers shown for your convenience in matching colors in patterns published prior to January 2002.

See the Medicis Color Card - page 1 and Medicis Color Card - page 2 as a reference.
Not all colors shown are available.

As we sell out of a color in 1/2 hanks, we will remove it from the list below.

Please note that these are bundles of thread that have been cut and are not continuous. If you need this thread for knitting, chochet, or weaving, please order either skeins or full hanks.

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