Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Embroidery & Cross Stitch
Embroidery & Cross Stitch
Embroidery and Crewel
Embroidery Blocks -- ABCD
Embroidery Blocks -- EFGH
Embroidery Blocks -- IJKL
Embroidery Blocks -- MNOP
Embroidery Blocks -- QRST
Embroidery Blocks -- UVWXYZ
Embroidery in Miniature
Embroidery Transfers
Emily Ann Brown 1836
Emily Horton 1828
Emily's Garden
Emily's Snow Day
Emma & Eliza In The Garden
Emma Fowler
Emperor Penguin
Empreinte -- Black & White
Empress Cutter
En Pleine Floraison (Full Bloom) Poster
Enchanted Needle Designs
Enchanted Santa Pillow
Enchanting Lair
Encore in Splendor
Encore! Friends & Family
End Of The Commons General Store
Endless Love
Endless Love
Enfant a la Cruche
English Band Sampler
English Bouquet
English Cottage In Garden
English Country
English Floral Bench Top
English Flower Garden
English Garden
English Garden
English Garden Pocket
Enjoy Your Stay
Enrich Someone's Life
Enter If You Dare
Entice Petite
Entwined Circles
Epiphyllum #1

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