Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Dream Big!
Dream Needle Roll
Dream-time Bear
Dreams & Friends
Dreams & Wishes
Dreams Of Childhood
Dreams of Stitches
Dreamscape Dancer
Dreamscape Diamond
Dreamsicles Just For Baby
Dresden Hydrangea
Dress Form: Book Reader
Dress Form: Sew Stitch
Dress Up America
Dressed for The Holidays
Dried Hydrangea
Dried Pink Roses
Drive Safely
Drosselmeyer's Toy Store
Drum Major (Needlepoint)
Drummer Boy
Drummer Nutcracker
Drums and Horns Child's Belt
Duchess Loletta
Duck and Goose Families
Duck Days
Duck Decoy
Duck Sampler
Duckess Joan Veva
Duckling in Row Boat
Duckling on Toy Scooter
Duckling w/ Umbrella
Ducks & Froggy In A Row
Ducks, Pond, Bamboo
Duke & Princess
Dump Truck
Duncan's Sampler
Dungavel Luckenbooth Brooch
Dusk Come Home
Dusty Rose Anne Cloth
Dusty Rose Winter Corsage
Dusty Stars
Dutch Iris
Dutch Treat Designs
Dwellings Faire
E is for Earth
E is for Empress

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