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40 Yards / 36.5 Meters.

Do you hate to add blending filament to a yarn? Well, here is the answer. Hi-Lights has the sparkly blending filament already added. All you need to do is take it off the card and begin stitching. The metallic that is pre-blended into the thread will not separate when you stitch. This is a thin thread that may be plied for use on larger count canvas. It is also very good for cross stitch. Do not double the thread over in your needle as you want the metallic filament wound in the same direction when you are stitching with more than one strand. Make sure that you bury the thread on the back very securely or use a waste knot. It is slippery and will pull out easily. Use shorter lengths to prevent wear and unraveling.

Needlepoint 18 to 22 count.

Cross Stitch 22 to 32 count.

*** This line has been discontinued, however, these colors we may still have limited stock of. Those not in this list are out of stock, we may be able to find a substitute, just contact or make comment at check out.


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