Gumnut Yarns

Gumnut Yarns

We carry the full line of
hand-dyed Gumnut Yarns
softly-shaded threads: Blossoms, Daisies, Poppies, Buds and Stars.

The softly-shaded Tulips natural mohair threads are available in limited quantities due to base-thread unavailability.

The subtly-variegated Gemstones, Moonbeams, Opals, Jewels and Aztecs are available in limited quantities since these threads are no longer in production by the manufacturer. See our Variegated Gumnut Yarns Threads page below for availability.


Softly-shaded wool
25 meter (27.3 yard) skein


Softly-shaded fine wool
25-meter (27.3 yard) skein


Softly-shaded silk/wool
25-meter (27.3 yard) skein


Softly-shaded natural mohair
25-meter (27.3 yard) skein


Softly-shaded perle silk
25-meter (27.3 yard) skein


Softly-shaded 6-strand silk floss
8-meter (8.75 yard) 6-strand skein

Variegated Gumnut Yarns Threads

Gemstones, Moonbeams, Opals, Jewels, Aztecs

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