Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Frosty Rays

Rainbow Gallery

5 Yards / 4.572 Meters

Needlepoint 14 to 18 mesh; Long Stitch 16 to 22 mesh.

Stroke the thread as you stitch with it. The Tiara metallic inside the Frosty Rays will tend to meander. If you pull the whole bundle, Flair and Tiara metallic together, it will straighten out & lay much nicer. Be careful not to pull the metallic all the way out as it is difficult to put back. Also, the use of a laying tool will help. If you are having trouble, try Petite Frosty Rays as it is a thinner thread. It starts to get a bit tight on 18 count so be careful that small pieces of the nylon do not get stuck in your work. The Frosty Rays with the white pearl metallic inside is slightly heavier than the others. A little trick that gives interesting effects is to bring the thread up through the canvas, remove the needle, then slide the Frosty Rays down the Tiara to form a clump. Rethread you needle, go back through the canvas at a point of your choosing and couch down the bunched up Frosty Rays. This gives the effect of a crinkly bullion knot or chenille and makes three dimensional fur, hair or ruffles.


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