Alex-Paras NeedleArts

Jacks in the Box
The Owl Next Door
Wacky 3-D Vase!
"A Stitch and A Charm" Series
"Eyes" Halloween Hat
"How To" Books
"Legal Pad" Lines
"Little Leaf Designs" Series
"S" Is For Sheep Pillow
"V" Is For Viper Pillow
#1 MOM
#12 Braid, 10 meters
#16 Braid, 10 meters
#24 Braid
#32 Braid, 5 meters
#4 Braid, 10 meters
#8 Braid, 10 meters
'O Christmas Tree
... And Virture Prize
...& More Pillow Samples
...Something Blue
001 Silver
001HL Silver Hi Lustre
002 Gold
002HL Gold Hi Lustre
002J Japan Gold
002V Vintage Gold
003 Red
005 Black
007 Pink
008 Green
008HL Green Hi Lustre
009 Emerald
011HL Gun Metal Hi Lustre
012 Purple
014 Sky Blue
015 Chartreuse
018HL Navy Hi Lustre
019 Pewter
021 Copper

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